Hazelnut Chocolate Matcha Cocktail – high fiber

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  • * 2oz vodka
  • * 1oz white creme de cocoa
  • * 1/2 oz hazelnut liqueur
  • * 1/4 tsp matcha powder
  • * 1/2 oz vanilla simple syrup


  1. Make your vanilla simple syrup.
  2. Let that cool.
  3. Add the vodka, white crème de cacao, hazelnut liqueur, matcha powder and egg white to your shaker with ice.
  4. Shake it.
  5. A bunch.
  6. There's an egg white to emulsify and froth in there.
  7. It's for creamy, rich, goodness.
  8. When you get tired, double strain into your coupe.
  9. Let it settle.
  10. The cream will rise.
  11. Garnish with a dusting of matcha.
  12. Now go enjoy your grown up matcha blendy milkshake cocktail.

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